How It Works

Reliable Data for Staff Scheduling and
Allocation Decisions

FTE Prime™ is a valuable productivity tool designed for nursing management to provide valid and reliable data to make informed decisions for staff allocation and scheduling. Nurse staffing and labor costs are complex and finding a balance between nursing resources, staff scheduling and expenses while continuing to deliver quality patient care is a significant challenge. FTE Prime forecasts Work Load Unit (WLU) values for better staff utilization so a nurse manager’s focus is kept on the goal of staffing efficiently.

Realized Growth and Savings at the
Departmental Level

FTE Prime pulls information from two basic data feeds: the payroll system (for actual hours worked) and the census, (for daily work-loads by department(s)). The system combines these two existing data feeds to analyze trends, identify patterns and produce highly integrated reports.

The data produced for the reports doesn’t target individual employees, but rather points to avenues of growth and savings at a cost-center or departmental level. This allows managers to interpret data and make informed decisions also at the cost-centre or department level. The solution provided by FTE Prime also provides a state-of-the-art volume forecast to aid in staff scheduling.

With FTE Prime’s built-in functionality for normalization, any discrepancy in overtime hours and associated costs charged to a department can be reallocated to the proper

Interactive Dashboards Facilitate Understanding
of Issues

Visually appealing dashboards make it easy to comprehend information and understand the issues that affect staff scheduling and allocation decisions. The interactivity with the dashboards allows users to drilldown or drill through until the proper answer is obtained. Plus an add-on automated web based Reports and Alerts distribution feature enhances the usability of the product.

The system uses minimum resources and is almost entirely free from the need of any IT staff.

Dashboards clearly communicate key metrics. Efficiency (above) is calculated as a ratio of scheduled Nurse Care Hours measured against actual hours worked. Values for a range of efficiency can be customized.

Productivity Ratio is calculated as a ratio of total hours worked against total WLU for a cost center/department for a pay period. Green indicates the ratio is less than budgeted and red indicates more than budgeted.

Visually appealing dashboards make it easy to comprehend information and are highly interactive.