1. FTE Prime Operation
  2. Installation
  3. Training
  4. Costs and Associated Fees

FTE Prime Operation

How does FTE Prime compare to competitive work force productivity products?
FTE Prime™ is not like other workforce productivity products mainly because it’s built on a business intelligence platform that allows users to define and access an infinite number of analyses and reports. Additional differentiations include the following:

Micro-managing of employees is not required - FTE Prime provides a clear view of workforce productivity by department and/or cost center level.
Flexibility – Medical Institutions can customize formulas to determine staffing and scheduling levels.
Ability for normalization – Built-in functionality to re-assign costs to other departments to accommodate reallocation of staff when required.
Highly Interactive Dashboards - Visually appealing and easy to use highly interactive dashboards facilitate understanding of the issues that affect staff scheduling and allocation decisions.
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) among competitors – Quick implementation, minimal strain on resources and results are seen faster.

Can new data be imported into FTE Prime?
Yes. FTE Prime is built on a very powerful Business Intelligence engine that will accommodate new data to be imported. This ability is provided in an optional module and is priced separately.

How often is data imported into FTE Prime?
The census data will be pulled on a daily basis and payroll data will be pulled after every pay period. Other data, such as quality measures, patient satisfaction surveys, etc. will be pulled when it is available. Overtime and other hours for normalization data will be pulled when the payroll data is available.

Can data be imported from any system?
Yes. FTE Prime can connect to any standard host and pull the data from that host in variety of formats including: EDI, HL7, XML, XLSX, CSV, TXT etc.

Can the data from FTE Prime be exported to other systems?
Yes. As the system is built on a powerful Business Intelligence tool it has a capability to export in a variety of formats including: XLSX, PDF, CSV, XML, EDI, etc.

Does FTE Prime include benchmark values?
No, benchmark values are not pre-set. FTE Prime will establish benchmark targets for each department based on the client’s historical data.

Can each type of user have their own dashboards?
Yes. All available dashboards within FTE Prime can be customized by each user.

How often are the dashboards refreshed?
Every time new data is updated from their sources, all the dashboards within FTE Prime are automatically refreshed.

Can reports be automatically distributed to select users?
Yes, through a built-in distribution module, FTE Prime has the ability to automatically distribute reports to select users.

Is there an error reporting and data validation for the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) process?
Yes. All the data is fully validated and all the ETL time errors are reported via e-mail to the appropriate person.

What happens when the data does not match the host system?
In the event that data doesn’t match the host system, we can back-out the existing transactions and insert the new valid transactions in their place.

Is it possible to configure FTE Prime with custom calculations or other modifications?
FTE Prime is fully configurable and we will work with clients to address any customizations required. Additional costs for customizations vary and will be quoted separately.


Will FTE Prime be installed on our server or an outside server?
FTE Prime can be installed on the client’s server or Integral Information Systems can host the solution on our servers. If Integrated Information Systems is to host the solution, some additional hosting costs will apply.

What is the normal implementation time?
FTE Prime can be completely installed in a less than 3 months.

What kinds of IT resources are needed?
FTE Prime requires minimal IT support. For most installations, a maximum of one to two days of IT time is required.


How much training is needed before staff can be up and running with FTE Prime?
Minimal training is required. Most users are fully trained within a day.

Will training be done on-site or via web?
Both the options for training are available so clients can select whatever method will work best for their environment. Although both options will be included in the purchase fee, additional out-of-pocket expenses will be incurred for on-site training.

Costs and Associated Fees

Is there a per user license fee?
No. Integral Information Systems issues a Site License for FTE Prime, which covers an unlimited number of users at the same location.

What fees are involved in the purchase of FTE Prime?
For each set up and installation, clients can expect fees for the following items:

A) One time setup fee
B) Monthly SAAS licence fees
C) Training fee
D) Out-of-pocket expenses related to installation and training
E) Hosting fee, if applicable

Additional fees may be incurred for any required hardware, cabling or other costs related to installation.

Are there any annual maintenance costs?
No, monthly SAAS fees include software maintenance.

Are there any software upgrade costs?
No, monthly SAAS fees include the maintenance of software, including any upgrade costs.