About Us

Helping Healthcare Decision Makers for over
Twenty-Five Years

Since 1987 Integral Information Systems has been helping healthcare decision makers to tackle complex challenges by providing continually advancing analytical software solutions.

Our goal has always been to allow organizations to transform their financial and operations data into information that provides precise actionable information - all on an as-needed basis. That’s why all our software has been designed for ease-of-use for the end-user with intuitive navigation as well as visually compelling and interactive dashboards.

To ensure we keep up to date on the latest academic research in business intelligence, Integral Information Systems has associations with academic institutions and have several well-known research scholars on our technical advisory board. We also have a close relationship with the University of Buffalo and actively participate in their research work.

We have established long-term relationships with clients who are very satisfied and consider us a trusted software solution advisor. When working with clients, we take the time to understand their needs. This allows us to provide them with the analytical tools required to enhance their ability to compare and contrast disparate systems data within financial and operational parameters.

Integral Information Systems has two main business intelligence software tools: PINpoint and FTE Prime™. PINpoint is a business intelligence software that captures intrinsic business knowledge and establishes inter-process relationships to deliver a realistic and unified view of the enterprise. FTE Prime is a work force monitoring software tool that helps nurse management make staff allocation decisions that satisfy labor requirements and operational efficiencies.